The Pan-Canadian Black Food Sovereignty Caucus

Our Mission

The Pan-Canadian Black Food Sovereignty Caucus advocates on behalf of Canada's over 1.5 million and growing population of people of African descent and empowers our diverse communities for the pursuit of Black Food Sovereignty. The Caucus works to transform the face of the Canadian food movement to include the invaluable contributions of people of African descent. We support discussing issues that affect Black Food Sovereignty nationally and engage in developing solutions relating to access to food security, especially for black children. The Caucus ensures those in decision-making positions across the country represent the voices of black Canadians for a more equitable food system.

PCBFS Caucus membership is open to all Canadians of African descent committed to working collectively towards Black Food Sovereignty by taking leadership, building community capacity, standing in solidarity to advance black food justice, and equipping the younger generation of black Canadians with food growing skills and farm management to safeguard our future generations' food needs.

We convene annually to strategize on our vision of Black Food Sovereignty in Canada.

Why is Black Food Sovereignty our Priority?

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