Health Strategy Working Group (HSWG)

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Health Strategy

  • The need for health data (empirical and/or quantitative) that is reflective of the ANS population
  • Health system has yet to reflect culturally competent planning and practice.
    • Lack of cultural competency and underrepresentation of ANS health professionals at all levels
  • Little evidence of culturally specific applications in health policy and program (ex: brotherhood initiative underfunded and no sisterhood initiative)
  • Collection of health data quantitative & qualitative health that examines the intersections of race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, income, citizenship status, sexual orientation, language & disability etc.
  • Establish health system planning that supports professionals to practice in culturally competent ways, understanding clinical cultural competence related to African Canadian health needs, disparities and inequities
  • Hire many more African-descended health professionals within government, clinically, administratively, at management levels and at the very least, one representative at the NSHA Board level