Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Recognizing that African Nova Scotians are a distinct founding people in Nova Scotia who have been a key part of the province’s culture and history since 1605, the DPAD Coalition’s mission is twofold: to build strength and health across African Nova Scotian communities, and to forge a renewed working relationship with government(s) that creates conditions for all African-descended people in Nova Scotia to thrive.

While acknowledging that much work remains to address the legacy of enslavement, segregation and generational effects of systemic anti-Black racism in Nova Scotia, we strive to call governments out of past attitudes and behaviours—doing to or for African Nova Scotian communities, instead of with—and into a meaningful engagement that respects people as agents in their own solutions. We seek a relationship where African Nova Scotians are engaged, included and listened to at all levels of policy- shaping and decision-making. We also seek to strengthen relationships amongst ourselves to equip communities and organizations to work collectively and holistically across sectors, in an accountable and mutually supportive way.

Our Vision

African Nova Scotian people and communities are recognized and supported as an integral part of Nova Scotia’s past, present and future.